Ponam Island Yesterday and Today!
This picture appears close to the shower hut, note MTN range across the strait.
The photos of Ponam today were sent by Matthew Kawei. He and his family are residents of Ponam. Matt advises that much of the Island has eroded into the sea and nothing remains of the air strip. The Island is just lust vegetation from the looks of the photos. The bottom photo is Matt's house near the tip of the airstrip. The plants are orchids that grow on the island. He noted a few years ago a few English pilots came back to visit. Maybe the Association can
arrange a reunion back to the Philippines!

Thanks Matt for Sharing!
Matthew and his family currently in
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The gray line represents appoximately the area of Ponam
that has been reclaimed by the sea.
The Admirality Islands.
The family is appox.
110 yards from the Shower hut.
Southeast end of the
runway.where Matt's house is located.